LogiPharma USA 2019

September 16 - 17, 2019

Hilton Penn’s Landing, Philadelphia, PA

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Dave Malenfant, Director, Supply Chain at Texas Christian University
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Dave Malenfant

Director, Supply Chain
Texas Christian University

Day One: Driving a Smarter, Agile and Data Driven Supply Chain

Monday, September 16th, 2019

4:45 PM Strengthening Your Leadership Skills to Thrive in the Future

Supply chain is in a unique position to influence the business and deliver value, but how can you develop leadership skills to make yourself and your message more impactful? What skills are required to be a successful leader and how do you transfer them to the real world? What leadership skills and styles will put you in the best light possible should your business experience M&A? In this all new interactive session, Dave Malenfant, Director, Supply Chain, Texas Christian University will guide participants through a personal SWOT analysis to help you tease out different traits that you can turn into strengths. This session will outline the leadership skills necessary to thrive in an increasingly digital and complex environment.

Day Two: Driving a Frictionless Supply Chain to Prepare for the Future

Tuesday, September 17th, 2019

3:30 PM Panel Discussion: Tapping into Top Talent to Drive the Supply Chain of the Future

Supply chain organizations are transforming as Baby Boomers start planning for retirement with the next generation entering the workforce. How can you entice top supply chain talent to your organization? Where is the next generation of talent coming from? What groups make up this next generation? What are they learning? How are others accessing them? Dave Malenfant, Director, Supply Chain at Texas Christian University and William McLaury, Associate Professor, Professional Practice at Rutgers Business School are in unique positions of educating the incoming supply chain work force, while also intrinsically understanding the demands of pharma supply chains as the former heads of supply chain for Alcon and Novartis. Zach Zacharia teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in supply chain operations management and logistics and transportation at Lehigh University, developing the next generation of logistics talent. Panelists will shed light on top academic programs and what students are learning that will guide the future of supply chain organizations, including:

• Understanding the top institutions, curriculums and degrees available
• How to partner with academic institutions to bolster your talent pipeline
• Knowing which skills you should be looking for when ideal past skillsets may no longer be relevant

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Dave.

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