LogiPharma USA 2021

July 20 - 21, 2021

Online (ET)

LogiPharma USA 2021 Blog

Designing a Network Strategy for Long Term Growth as Portfolios Evolve

Developing operations that generate revenue and eliminate risk all depends on how you tailor your network strategy for the future. This means adapting to the many complexities that pharma marketplaces deal with as products revolutionize and customer demand shifts globally.

How Leveraging Data Promotes Intelligent Healthcare

Value-based healthcare, patient-centricity, connectivity, and home care are key drivers of change in the pharmaceutical sector. With this in mind, supply chains have to adapt to this new environment which demands higher visibility and agility in order to increase revenue and ensure consumer safety.

Supply Chain Segmentation Is No Longer Optional for Pharma

Many companies have spent the last several years focusing on external factors like marketing and branding, but not on their internal operations or supply chain relationships.

How Amgen Tackles the Supply Chain Challenges with Technology

The complexity of biosimilar pharmaceuticals offers challenges to supply chain managers. However, Amgen is using high-grade product barcoding and state-of-the-art tracking devices to overcome them.

Merck is Joining Other Pharma Giants to Reduce Supply Chain Costs

The pharmaceutical industry is under enormous pressure to reduce supply chain costs, and Merck is making significant roads in this regard by joining the innovative Poseidon initiative.

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