LogiPharma USA 2019

September 16 - 17, 2019

Hilton Penn’s Landing, Philadelphia, PA

Contact: 1.888.482.6012


"I’ve been going to LogiPharma now for 10 years. It’s the people. Its the most comprehensive meeting where from a supply chain perspective, strategic sourcing, procurement, all the way through customer, all of the disciplines are addressed. With the event there are also break out sessions which means you can adapt your schedule to meet whatever your individual needs within the supply chain base which is what attracts me and makes me want to come back to the meetings..."

Bob Douglass, Commodity Manager-API and Actives, McNeil Consumer

"For me it’s multidisciplinary. Supply Chain, I’ve been in it a long time. For me I always try to make sure its an integrated whole and that sometimes gets lost in more narrowly focused discussions and conferences. The idea of addressing the integrated supply chain aspects across the breadth from purchasing through production planning through distribution and also the way that we treat it as a process are key themes addressed at LogiPharma. Across the organization I think its also key that we raise the awareness of the importance of supply chain and LogiPharma helps facilitate this."

Carl Accettura, Sunovion Pharmaceuticals, Senior Director Production And Supply Chain Management

"It’s not just cold chain. You could go to 30 conference a year that focus on cold chain. The wrong thing to focus on, it should be a pillar, but LogiPharma since I have been involved in the last 4-5 years looks at a wide mix of issues including S&OP which are not traditional core competencies but are important to the process."

David Ulrich, QA Director, Distribution Global Pharmaceutical Operations (GPO), Strategic Quality Initiatives (SQI), Abbott Laboratories

"I enjoy the fact that it is a big focused group on the pharma, bio pharma and med device group. It is a good size group with a mix of roundtables, break outs and plenary sessions. Good spread of big, medium and small companies. A well rounded mix of people with good expertise and has a good informal aspect to it as well."

Jeff Simmons, Manager External Manufacturing, Daiichi Sankyo

"For me what really grabbed my attention about LogiPharma this year is it is looking at the whole Supply Chain, not just logistics. Looking at end- to- end components. What our suppliers are doing, what R & D is doing, how mergers and acquisitions impact your business, how that flows into manufacturing and that could be anywhere in the world. What LogiPharma is doing is bringing in great speakers to entice people to be more involved strategically to make their organization work really, really well."

Paul Clayton, VP Supply Chain & Logistics, GlaxoSmithKline

"LogiPharma is one of my personal favorites. You have a great mix of people, a good size and the topics are always germane to the issues we are facing."

Scott Cubbler, Vice President, Exel

"Supply chain management presents a tremendous opportunity for the pharmaceutical industry. This conference is a great opportunity to learn from some of the top supply chain companies in the pharmaceutical industry"

Jon Rocker, Director of Supply Chain, Eli Lilly

"LogiPharma has already proven its relevance as the best conference of its kind due to its content, speakers and relevance to today's and tomorrow's issues. An excellent place to meet colleagues and exchange ideas"

Daniel Scheidegger, Vice President Euopean Operations, Genzyme Pharmaceuticals

"An excellent opportunity to capitalise upon the knowledge of your competitors in developing and implementing a successful pharmaceutical supply chain"

Frank Ternes, Director International Logistics, Boehringer Ingeleim

"By far the best pharmaceutical supply chain event in the industry"

Wolfgang Hermann, Head of Supply Chain Management, Pfizer

"The best conference of its kind. An excellent place to meet colleagues and exchange ideas"

Steen Strottup, Head of Global Supply Chain for Nutrition, Novartis

"A nice platform to exchange experiences, thus helping to enhance your pharmaceutical supply chain"

Helmer Fredich, Senior Manager, Global Supply Chain Management, Merck

"A comprehensive and excellent programme"

Pat Rizzotto, Vice President, Global Customer Initiatives, Johnson & Johnson

"A superb opportunity to share and exchange valuable information"

Hans-Walter Hoehl, Global Head of Supply Chain Management, Pharmaceutical Operations, Bayer Pharmaceuticals

"The speakers were extremely knowledgeable..."

Anthony Orcico, Senior Director Supply Chain, Alpharma